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Our employees have extensive experience and understanding of the fact that financial needs change over time. For this reason, it is important to have an experienced advisor who is up to date and proactive, and can guide you, your family and your business through these issues.

Portugal is growing in popularity

Portugal has grown in popularity in recent years as a country of residence, thanks to new legislation that means certain incomes, such as pensions, are exempt from Portuguese tax. This new tax reform, non-habitual residence (NHR), creates opportunities for people who relocate to Portugal.

This requires careful planning

Breaking your ties with Sweden, registering in Portugal and applying for NHR status all require careful planning. Before moving, for example, your financial assets in Sweden should be structured in a way that meets the Portuguese regulatory framework and that takes into account Swedish tax law for certain incomes.

Some things are priceless, such as expertise

We know from experience that endowments adapted to Portuguese conditions are often a good solution. If your capital is tied up in a Swedish company, you may benefit in certain circumstances from a foreign holding company.

Long-term relationships with a focus on wealth management

Your wealth is managed by Öhman in Luxembourg. We start by together conducting a thorough analysis of your needs and wishes, and your risk tolerance. Decisions on an appropriate investment policy are then based on this analysis. Your personal advisor will regularly meet you in Portugal to follow up the outcomes of the asset management.

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Even if a situation requires several different skills, you will be greeted by one individual contact at Öhman. We believe that our clients value someone who gets to know you and your needs.

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