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For professional athletes and artists

As an athlete or an artist you can often live a hectic and demanding life. At the same time, you face a number of decisions and issues about your finances that are important to your future, both during and after your career. At Öhman we support you through every phase so you can focus on your career.

For professional athletes and artists

Öhman offers you personal advice from experienced people, and you also have access to all the advice imaginable through the collective expertise of our partners. Various questions can arise, depending on your individual circumstances and the stage of your career.


The start of your career is usually very demanding in different ways. Hard work with no guarantee of success. Incomes are rarely large at this stage, making it even more important to plan and structure your finances for the future. Questions about contracts, sponsors and other legal issues can arise. We can help you, so you can focus your efforts on the right things at this important phase of your development.


Your career has really taken off. Perhaps you live abroad or are planning on a move. Your income is high and your capital is growing rapidly. This might be the time of life when you meet a partner and raise a family. Questions about wealth management, family law and taxation could come to the fore. Naturally everything needs to be managed with a long-term approach, to make early plans for the rest of your life.


Once the career you have dedicated your life to is coming to a close, an exciting new chapter begins. You might be planning to move back to Sweden after spending some time abroad. Your earnings may decrease, but you have capital that needs to be managed. You will probably want to launch new projects or start a new career. We can help you with our expertise and our network, to give you a good start in this new phase of your life.

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Even if a situation requires several different skills, you will be greeted by one individual contact at Öhman. We believe that our clients value someone who gets to know you and your needs.

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