Legal information

The company Öhman Bank S.A. (“Öhman Bank”) is part of the Öhman Group.

Öhman Bank conducts banking operations in Luxembourg. The Bank offers private banking services, on either advisory or discretionary basis, to High Net Worth Individuals as well as trade execution for institutional style investors.

More harmonised administration of investment services

Since November 1, 2007, when the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) came into force, the administration of investment services has been harmonised throughout the EU. This directive affects all our clients. The main purposes of the directive are improved investor protection, harmonised investment services, transparency rules and increased competition in the EU financial sector. From 3rd January 2018, the MiFID rules have been reinforced with a new Directive (MiFID II) and a new regulation (MIFIR) that has a direct effect in all EU member countries.

We have adapted our procedures and practices according to these rules to make things as easy as possible for you as our client. The rules apply to both private individuals and legal entity clients.

Öhman Bank shall:

  • Categorise all clients who buy investment services from us.
  • Assess the suitability and appropriateness of each service for each client.
  • Execute orders in a way that is best for the client.
  • Provide any updated disclosures and agreements to clients.


Zekiye Bel Moller

Head of Legal & Compliance

+352 26 73 73 33